Official Guide and Technology Services

Official Value Guides are available in 3 formats:

  • Books – in a convenient & familiar format
  • CD’s – in an easy-to-use Windows™ Format
  • Real-Time Guides – up-to-the-minute values on the Internet

Agricultural Official Guides

  • Published quarterly
  • Detailed and timely information on the farm equipment market
  • Dealer and auction selling prices and advertised prices
  • A reference selling price of a comparable new model
  • Only guide to show the actual database of reported dealer and auctioneer prices
  • 7 regional editions throughtout North America to more closely represent area variances
  • Recognized as the “Official Guide” of the farm equipment industry

Specifications & Value Official Guides

  • Published annually
  • Detailed specifications for major farm equipment produced during the past 50+ years
  • Contains average resale values
  • Serial number listings and serial number locations, where available
  • Nebraska Test summaries for tractors

Outdoor Power Equipment Official Guides

  • Published annually
  • Trade values based on dealer sales
  • Yellow page section with actual sales
  • Extensive serial number list
  • Specifications
  • Thousands of updates each year

Technology Services

  • IRON Search
    • Equipment listing service which extends the reach and impact of your advertising budget
    • Advertise used equipment on the Internet
  • IRON Dealer
    • “Dealers Only” source to find machines to fill your customer’s order
    • Free registration to equipment dealers
  • IRON Web
    • Provides the world with informaiton relating to the equipment industry
  • IRON Site Express
    • Offers Internet presence for dealers that is easy to update and maintain
  • IRON Manager
    • Complete Inventory Management tool that interfaces with Business Systems and the Internet
  • Ag Quote Pro
    • Complete Sales Management solution to improve profitability and communciations in your sales department
  • Ag Appraiser
    • The interface to our electronic Official Guide that allows you to easily appraise trade-ins.
  • OPE Web Package
    • Designed specifically with the Outdoor Power Equipment dealer in mind

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