Canada Partners

AgriCard is the leading agricultural credit card for parts, service and crop inputs in western Canada. With a large merchant network based in the west, AgriCard has built a trusted and reliable service that customers have depended on for over 15 years. AgriCard: the card for those who grow.

In today’s highly competitive environment, it is important for western organizations to partner with strong suppliers.  Through this partnership, dealerships will be able to save with bulk purchasing power by pooling multi-facility commodity requirements.

Car rental program provides corporate rates to our members.

Agriculture is considered one of the most dangerous industries in Canada. WEDA members agree on the importance of workplace safety, but many of them feel overwhelmed by the task of starting and maintaining a health & safety program. BDC and WEDA have partnered to put together a comprehensive and cost effective solution. Whether you are looking to create a safer workplace or seek COR certification, BDC has a solution for you.

Car rental program provides corporate rates to our members.

CPM Manuals and WEDA have created an equipment dealership specific Employee Policy Manual. This opportunity will provide dealers with a thorough, comprehensive, professionally edited policy manual at a fraction of the standard commercial price.

Carson & Co. has extensive experience and knowledge of dealer legislation as well as the legal and business concerns facing dealers today.They are licensed to conduct legal affairs in the four western provinces. This program provides dealers with an opportunity to receive legal assistance on a variety of issues.

Mystery Shopping! Discover how your employees handle customers with mystery shopping provided by Creative Sales Solutions (CSS), an association-recommended training partner.

Most business owners acknowledge the need to start planning for their EKSIT from the business, but many don’t know where to start. Regardless of where you are in the succession planning process, it all starts the same way… with the first step of contacting experts that can provide professional advice. EKSIT Strategies provides a complete matrix of services from valuations, succession planning and professional advice that assists equipment dealers with any transition issue that they may face.

Desjardins offers a unique Visa/MasterCard program where they have designed the fee structure to recognize the unique nature of the equipment industry – taking into consideration many “card-not-present” transactions and the different fees associated with affinity/rewards/points credit cards.

Fuel Credit Card Program, provides retail discount rates on gas or diesel.

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) is Canada’s leading agricultural lender.  The FCC loan and lease programs give dealer customers one-stop shopping for all equipment financing. FCC finances all makes and models, both new and used equipment.

Creditor Life and Disability program through First Canadian Insurance that dealer members can market to their clients. Creditor Insurance provides borrowers with the financial protection they need. With creditor insurance, if one of your clients holding a loan or lease dies or becomes disabled, their payments are covered.

Group Health
Members receive the opportunity to participate in our Group Insurance Program underwritten by Federated Insurance. Rising costs of medical care makes your company’s group health program more and more important to you and your employees.

Property and Liability
An Association endorsed property and liability insurance program that is available to dealerships through your local Federated Insurance Risk Services Coordinator.

IRON Solutions offers dealers of agricultural, industrial and outdoor power equipment a wealth of information right at their fingertips. Dealers who use IRON Solutions for their business needs can look up equipment values from the Official Guide in real time and place an equipment listing online at, or use IRON HQ to manage their customer profiles, prepare professional quotes and manage their inventory.

Do you need prompt advice concerning liens, registry searches or sales documentation? Unsure about entering an item in the Personal Property Registry? Is a client currently in the office and you are in need of a fast opinion? Members can contact Layh & Associates at no charge for advice on the best course of action when they are in doubt.

The Motor Safety Association of Saskatchewan (MSA) is a non-government, non-profit organization funded through an operational agreement with the Workers’ Compensation Board. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of injuries and the duration of those injuries in our industry. The MSA strive to educate our members to the benefits of developing and maintaining an effective Safety Management System.

The EDA Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®, is a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value to all EDA members.  From envelopes up tp large truckload shipments, PartnerShip allows you to save on your shipping with the most trusted carriers in the country.

Visit for complete program information and to enroll in the free EDA Shipping Program. If you have any questions, please call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902, or email

Fuel rebate program with the Shell Triton® Fleet Management Card saves you money.

The Western Producer, AgriCard and the Western Equipment Dealers Association, established “The Western Producer Outstanding Dealership of the Year Award”. This award is most prestigious as hundreds of nominations are received from producers each year.